AlphalinerECO | Styrene-Free

UV light curing hose liner system using high-quality styrene-free vinyl-based resin

Areas of use: Municipalities / industry

AlphalinerECO - Styrene-free

Following three years of development, RELINEEUROPE has achieved series maturity for a hose liner based on styrene-free resin. Using styrene-free resin provides an efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to styrene-based systems. Styrene-free products are an ideal solution for all use cases with high demands on emissions (in particular after liner curing) and flammability


AlphalinerECO is a styrene-free vinyl-based GRP hose liner specially designed for rehabilitating waste water sewers with unique demands. In addition, it provides the following:

  • Excellent chemical resistance to communal waste water
  • High mechanical characteristics for long-lasting resilience
  • Unique wearing course on the inner liner surface
  • Optimum solution for circular, ovoid, square, or custom cross-sections
  • No styrene smell


Alphaliners are manufactured in continuous production up to approx. 300m of individual lengths. Using pre-impregnated glass fibre tapes, liners with a diameter of DN150—DN1300 are rolled into a continuous flexible hose.
We use a highly resistant styrene-free vinyl-based polyester resin (UP; classified as per DIN EN 13121 in group 4; DIN 16946-2 type 1140; DIN 18820 group 3) as well as corrosion-resistant ECR glass fibres.

On their inner liner surface, Alphaliners have a special wearing course in compliance with DWA-A 143-3 and DIN EN ISO 11296-4. This wearing course is achieved by using a vylene-bonded high-grade resin layer of at least 0.5mm. Currently, Alphaliners are the only hose liners in the world offering a defined wearing course thickness.

Alphaliner1800-ECO has excellent mechanical characteristics. This qualifies it to withstand the highest structural stress loads at a comparatively small wall thickness.

We offer you the following models:

  • Alphaliner1800ECO

Optionally, we offer these Alphaliners with integrated slide protection and/or pre-liner.

Short time value 5% quantile acc. to DIN EN 1228
19,541 MPa
5% quantile long-term exposure value acc. to DIN EN 1228
14,804 MPa*
5% quantile long-term exposure value acc. to DIN EN ISO 178
18,406 MPa
Flexural strength
Short-term exposure value acc. to DIN EN ISO 178
300 MPa
Flexural strength
Long-term exposure value
227 MPa
Reduction factor
50 years
Glass fibre qualityECR
UP resin
acc. to DIN EN 13121
Group 4
UP resin 
acc. to DIN 16946-2
Type 1140
UP resin 
acc. to DIN 18820
Group 3
Abrasion resistance 
acc. to CEN/TR 15729
0.23 mm
Wearing course 
0.5 mm
Individual length≤ 300
Wall thicknesses≤ 25.2 mm
Circular cross-sections
DN 150 - DN 1500 
Ovoid cross-sections
200/300 – 1000/1500 
DWA-M 144-3 classification23*

* Provisionally after 2,000 h

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