The Alphaliner CIPP liner

The world's leading UV light curing CIPP liner for highest standards

AlphalinerHP CIPP liner - High Performance

Rehabilitation projects currently use approx. 600,000m of Alphaliners per year. Excelling in design and material composition, the Alphaliner CIPP liner (GRP hose liners) provide special benefits and have been optimised for long service life and durability. The primary contributory factor here is the particularly thick wearing course made from high-grade resin. This means that the Alphaliner CIPP liner is not only significantly more resistant to aggressive substances in the sewage, but also well-equipped against abrasion and damage from flushing processes.

Extensive laboratory trials and practical experience prove the product's durability. Nearly 2,000,000m of successfully installed Alphaliners show no surface damage whatsoever. Sewer sections rehabilitated using RELINEEUROPE's procedure have a service life of 50 years and more, enabling long-term depreciation.

Thanks to a large variety of technical models, together with the right installation equipment, we can always provide the optimum solution for a variety of application areas as well as for circular, ovoid, square, or custom cross-sections. Alphaliners are used in sewers with nominal diameters of DN 150 to DN 1600 (in future up to DN 1800).

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Trenchless sewer rehabilitation using seamless CIPP liners/GRP hose liners and innovative UV light curing has proven itself in practice to be a safe and efficient process. RELINEEUROPE has pioneered full rehabilitation systems using the Alphaliner technology and seamlessly coordinated components.

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AlphalinerUP - long-lasting sewer rehabilitation

The light curing AlphalinerUP CIPP liner enables particularly time-efficient trenchless rehabilitation processes of up to 300m per day. Especially for inner-city projects, this helps to minimise the impact on residents and road traffic. The service life of a rehabilitated sewer section is 50 years or more more

Aggressive waste water

RELINEEUROPE's AlphalinerVE and/or AlphalinerVEU CIPP liner is a product for rehabilitating industrial waste water sewers. What is new and unique about it is the fact that contrary to conventional light curing liner systems, we use highly resistant premium vinyl ester urethane resin (VEU).

What distinguishes vinyl ester is its high temperature resistance of up to 100°C and its chemical resistance combined with very good mechanical properties (rigidity / breaking strain). more

Sewer rehabilitation in sensitive areas with high demands on safety

The AlphalinerHP CIPP liner has a special and unique sandwich construction. The resin-rich internal layer and the structurally supporting part of the glass fibre reinforcement is completed with an especially resin-rich rear wall. Whereas conventional hose liners use outer films only on their backings, this special resin-rich rear wall provides extra safety in particularly demanding applications in regard to infiltration and exfiltration. more

UV light curing hose liner system using high-quality styrene-free vinyl-based resin

Following three years of development, RELINEEUROPE has achieved series maturity for a hose liner based on styrene-free resin. Using styrene-free resin provides an efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to styrene-based systems. Styrene-free products are an ideal solution for all use cases with high demands on emissions (in particular after liner curing) and flammability. more

The new pipe liner dimension for the renovation ov large and special profiles

Alphaliners excel in particular for rehabilitating sewer pipes with large dimensions. They leverage the benefits of the liner design as well as RELINEEUROPE's UV curing technology which is accurately coordinated with the Alphaliner and offers very short curing times.

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Economic renovation of waste water pressurised pipes

AlphalinerPN6 - Economic renovation of waste water pressurised pipes

The AlphalinerPN6 CIPP liner is a seamless GRP hose liner with special technical properties designed for the renovation of waste water pressurised pipes and channels with a sealed construction. 

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International Projects

Together with our Alphaliner-Partners we already realized international projects in these countries:

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