Proven Technology for Large Cross-Sections and "Difficult Cases"

Alphaliners excel in particular for rehabilitating sewer pipes with large dimensions. They leverage the benefits of the liner design as well as RELINEEUROPE's UV curing technology which is accurately coordinated with the Alphaliner and offers very short curing times.

Alphaliner - Proven Technology for Large Cross-Sections and "Difficult Cases"

When rehabilitating large cross-sections, production, logistics, and handling on the construction site need to work hand in hand in every detail. We have already realised alternative logistics concepts, using swap bodies, for instance, for transporting liners with several tons of weight.

On the construction site, mobile conveyor belts are used for evenly installing large liners into the sewer. RELINEEUROPE's UV technology offers a consistent curing output of up to 24,000W, enabling a faster and hence particularly economical curing process on the construction site.  

The newly developed Alphaliner1800 models open up entirely different possibilities for rehabilitating large cross-sections.

Both models use the "Ultrapipe" ECR glass fibre quality that has been specially designed for UV light curing. This increases the material's lucency and hence optimises the hose liner's (total) curing duration.

As a result, it is only necessary in exceptional cases to use liners with combination curing, meaning they need cooled storage at all times. In case of large wall thicknesses, this makes logistics far easier, more flexible, and more cost-efficient.

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