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RELINE UV®-Group started in America

RELINE UV Technologies is founded

The RELINE UV®-Group has formed a subsidiary company in the United States to offer ultra violet (UV) cured-in-place-pipe liner products, curing equipment and support equipment in the United States, Canada and Central America markets. RELINE UV®-Group includes RELINEEUROPE and the companies RELINECHINA and RELINEJAPAN.

Jerold L. Botts, an expert with more than 35-years of experience in trenchless sewer rehabilitation in the United States, has been named as President of the Company. Christian Noll is the Senior Executive Vice President. The U.S. firm will operate under the name of RELINE UV Technologies LP, based in Orlando, Florida.

Jerold L. Botts and Christian Noll

Jerold L. Botts and Christian Noll

The new company RELINE UV Technologies is in process of locating a production facility for UV-curing pipe liners in the United States. RELINE UV Technologies is contacting installation partners, municipal and engineering contacts and already sucessfully completed projects in North America. Until completion of the production plant, North America projects are being supplied with GFRP-pipe liners from Germany.

With an annual production of more than 700,000 meter (approx. 2,500,000 feet), the RELINE UV-Group has developed into a leading provider of UV light-curing glass fiber reinforced pipe liners. Since 2009 the group has manufactured over 4,000,000 meter (approx. 12,000,000 feet) of UV cured liner in 50 countries. In the recent years, RELINE UV has also taken a leading position in developing and producing innovative UV equipment for high speed curing of glass-fiber reinforced pipe liners. The group develops and produces UV- curing pipe liner, all UV-curing equipment and all equipments for processing on site.

Core products of RELINE UV®-Group are the GFRP liner, Alphaliner300, Alphaliner500 und Alphaliner1800, AlphalinerHP, AlphalinerECO and AlphalinerVE for industrial use, ranging in diameter from DN 150 to DN 1800 (6“ to 72“). The Alphaliner, offered in North America, will be under the product names UV CIPP Alfa300, UV CIPP Alfa500 and UV CIPP Alfa1800. The new company also offers UV-curing systems. The latest UV-curing system REE4000, developed by RELINE UV, is equipped with up to 6 x 4,000 watt, therefore with a total output of 24,000 watts, which is currently the world´s most powerful UV-curing system and offers unique, innovative features for semi-automated operation. The REE4000 allows to curing of UV-curing liners up to DN 1800 (up to 72“) with a thickness of 20mm quickly and safely.

The portfolio of RELINE UV Technologies offers comprehensive services for efficient renovation with GFRP pipe liners.

Contact and more information:

RELINE UV Technologies LP
618 East South Street Suite 523
Orlando Florida 32801

Post Office Box: PO Box 547921
Orlando FL 32854-7921

+1 407.866.2833
+1 407.866.2834 (Fax)


Große Ahlmühle 31
76865 Rohrbach/Germany
Tel.: +49 6349-93934-0

Members of RELINE UV®-Group

RELINEEUROPE AG, Rohrbach Deutschland
RELINE UV Technologies LP, Orlando USA
RELINECHINA (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai China

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