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RELINEEUROPE TQM – proven, unique

RELINEEUROPE TQM Quality Report 2017

The unique Total Quality Management system (TQM) from RELINEEUROPE, introduced at the start of hose liner production in 2010, continues to prove itself in practice in 2017. The TQM is a process-oriented quality management system which provides the basis for a continual improvement process. It includes a comprehensive quality controlling system from the reception of goods through the various steps of production to material inspections of site samples for various rehabilitation projects with the Alphaliner glass-fibre reinforced hose liner system. The results of material tests and user feedback from construction sites are saved in a specially developed database, along with liner production data. Database-supported assessment facilitates ongoing quality assurance and improvement, and ensures fast reaction to any deviations. The assessments, founded on a database that currently encompasses over 3,600,000 meters of produced Alphaliner, are proof of the continuously high level of sewer rehabilitations completed by Alphaliner users.

What is involved in RELINEEUROPE's continual improvement process?

Each transportation box that leaves Alphaliner production in Rohrbach in the South Palatine comes with a RMB (feedback report), already filled out with information on the construction site and Alphaliner data. This allows users to quickly provide feedback on the delivered hose liners to the manufacturer, RELINEEUROPE. This TQM system instrument was used by customers for around 25 percent of delivered Alphaliner in 2017. A total of 2,124 feedback reports were assessed in 2017. Along with testing results from material tests saved in the Alphaliner database, RMB feedback report data is a valuable and meaningful basis for quality controlling..

Rehabilitation of a box profile DN 1250/1000 (corresponds to DN 1350) and 20 mm wall thickness in Berlin, Sadowastraße, by Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH Trench at left with Alphaliner1800, right with rehabilitated sewer section

Rehabilitation of a box profile DN 1250/1000 (corresponds to DN 1350) and 20 mm wall thickness in Berlin, Sadowastraße, by Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH. Trench at left with Alphaliner1800, right with rehabilitated sewer section.

For example, Alphaliner users reported on 53 Alphaliner with occurred problems in 2017. This corresponds to roughly 0.5 percent of our total production of 8,917 individual Alphaliner produced in 2017. Problems affected logistics, as well as other areas. Transportation to the construction site was delayed, the freight company was not reliable, the delivery was incomplete, or there was an issue with the transportation box. We received feedback on hose liners related to wrinkles during installation or irregular liner surfaces. In addition, reports informed us of failed leak tests or incorrect material key figures and properties.

A total of almost 14,000 liners have been assessed based on customer feedback since production began in 2010. This data provides our company with an extraordinarily informative database.

In general, a sales employee contacts the customer within 24 hours of receiving the report in order to discuss potential solutions. Depending on the reported problem, they can also inform the responsible employee in production or order processing right away. During a monthly meeting the area managers in production, development and sales analyse the received reports. 


Image: RELINEEUROPE - Development and production of Alphaliner / feedback reports (RMB) 2010 - 2017 (total Alphaliner production since 2010: 53,027 Alphaliner with 3,597,290 metres) 

Image: RELINEEUROPE - Development and production of Alphaliner / feedback reports (RMB) 2010 - 2017 (total Alphaliner production since 2010: 53,027 Alphaliner with 3,597,290 metres)

In addition to ongoing data analysis, RELINEEUROPE's goal for Total Quality Management also includes providing the best possible support to users in its rehabilitation projects. Users have access to all relevant information on their Alphaliner, installation recommendations, and check lists for preparing their construction sites through the RE.DESK online portal. If users desire, application engineers from RELINEEUROPE can advise them while planning their rehabilitation project, in order to ensure success. This close collaboration between users and the manufacturer has proven valuable, especially when installing large diameter hose liners or working at construction sites with unique challenges.

We have now produced Alphaliner in over 80 dimensions for rehabilitation projects in over 50 countries worldwide. It is important to review the exact dimensions of the sewer to be rehabilitated, as well as installation conditions, depending on whether the project is undertaken in Germany, an European country, Asia, the USA, South America, Australia, or an Arabian country.

Offers for training and education offered by RELINEEUROPE through the RELINEACADEMY are also in high demand. In addition to the annual user conference with employees from rehabilitation teams, which provides information on product development and UV technology and allows users to discuss experiences from their rehabilitation projects, we also offer individual employee trainings on site at sewer rehabilitation companies. New customers, who have not worked yet with the Alphaliner system, can systematically train their team members in theory and practice through a two to three weeks base course in Rohrbach. In general, applications engineers will then support the customer's employees on site during initial projects, helping them with details on insertion, calibration, and operating the system for UV curing of the hose liners through on the job training. Practical experience shows that sewer rehabilitation companies are able to install even large dimension Alphaliner with a high level of quality after just a short time thanks to support from experienced RELINEEUROPE application engineers.

Users can record results from material testing on individual construction sites using the RE.DESK online portal. Information is saved along with production data for each individual Alphaliner. This allows the user to compare results after installation with production data from RELINEEUROPE and react to any general deviations.

Alphaliner Quality Report 2017 – Results

As it is every year, test reports of construction site material samples were evaluated by independent and accredited German testing institutes for the 2017 quality report. Since such client quality tests are not yet required in most countries for installed liners as they are in Germany, many international Alphaliner users have their construction site samples tested in RELINEEUROPE's own company laboratory. From a total of 8,917 Alphaliner produced in 2017, the site samples of 2,776 Alphaliner were recorded in the database, which corresponds to roughly 30 % of the entire production.

In 2017, a total of 8,917 Alphaliner were supplied to customers with a total length of 618,540 meters. 

Year Production data Test results*
Target value achieved in % of tests


in m

No. of
tested liners

in m

No. of  
liners produced

in pcs

No. of
tested liner samples

in pcs

Tensile modulus
Short-term value

Bending strength
Short-term value

Wall thickness
Medium compound thickness
according to
DIN EN ISO 11296-4

of the
material sample





99,4 %

99,7 %

96,1 %

99,6 %






99,2 %

99,4 %

97,4 %

99,6 %






99,3 %

99,6 %

94,4 %

99,5 %






97,8 %

98,1 %

98,1 %

99,5 %






98,8 %

98,5 %

95,2 %

98,3 %






99,6 %

98,9 %

94,1 %

98,1 %






99,3 %

99,1 %

95,0 %

99,2 %






99,3 %

98,9 %

97,3 %

99,7 %






99,0 %

99,2 %

96,2 %

99,3 %

Analysis Results Table: Alphaliner Total Site Samples

* The material tests of the individual site samples were carried out by the following testing institutes recognised and accredited by DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin): IKT-Institut für Unterirdische Infrastruktur (Gelsenkirchen), Polytest Ingenieure GmbH (Fürth, formerly: F+E Ing. GmbH), SBKS GmbH (St. Wendel) and SIEBERT + KNIPSCHILD GmbH (Oststeinbek). RELINEEUROPE's internal company laboratory also completes material testing for international customers.

In 2017, RELINEEUROPE increased production once again compared to the previous year. Over 600,000 meters of Alphaliner were produced in Rohrbach alone for the first time. The basis of data for the analysis results for this quality report is the inspection of about 30 % of the Alphaliner. The precision of the inspection results is thereby on the same high level as in the previous year.

The analysis of results shows that the Alphaliner once again attains very high values when it comes to tensile modulus, bending strength and water impermeability. In all tests almost 100% of the target values were achieved in these three criteria. Fulfilment of wall thickness in 2017 was 96.1%, and thus a very good value once again.

We were able to deliver the almost 620,000 meters of Alphaliner to over 100 specialist companies worldwide in 2017. We also delivered the 50,000th Alphaliner since the company was founded. This high level of demand confirms the reliability of the Alphaliner system. We were also able to once again increase the number of UV systems delivered to international customers, and saw interest grow especially in the new RE4000 UV system. In an ongoing trend, an increasing number of sewer rehabilitation companies worldwide are choosing to purchase a system: Hose liners and UV system from one source. It has become evident that large diameters greater than DN 1200 require special know-how and equipment.  

Rehabilitation of a walled channel, egg profile 750/1800 in St. Etienne, France by AXEO TP. The Alphaliner1800 with almost 20 millimeter wall thickness was cured only with UV light using the REE4000.

Rehabilitation of a walled channel, egg profile 750/1800 in St. Etienne, France by AXEO TP. The Alphaliner1800 with almost 20 millimeter wall thickness was cured only with UV light using the REE4000.

Alphaliner1800H with highest mechanical KPIs

Today, it is possible to rehabilitate sewers up to a dimension of DN 1800 with glass-fibre reinforced hose liners. This involves handling significant liner weights on the construction site, depending on the length and wall thickness of the area to be rehabilitated. The heaviest Alphaliner RELINEEUROPE has ever delivered weighed 25 tons.

That’s why RELINEEUROPE has once again completed new developments for the Alphaliner1800 GRP hose liner. The new Alphaliner1800H, which has been produced and delivered to customers around the world since January of 2018, offers significantly higher mechanical KPIs. According to DIBt approval no. Z-42.3-447, the Alphaliner1800H now has a preliminary e-module of 21,209 MPa (short-term value 5% quantile in accordance with DIN EN 1228) or 17,243 MPa (long-term value 5% quantile in accordance with DIN EN 1228). We expect the final results soon after 10,000 hours tests are completed. Material groups will then be defined in accordance with DWA-M 144-3.

The company was able to develop another innovation and get it ready for the market in 2017 with the Alphaliner1800H. Combined with powerful UV curing systems by RELINEEUROPE, this liner makes it possible to reliably and quickly harden liners in sewers up to DN 1800, with wall thicknesses of up to 25 millimeters exclusively using UV light.

That means the Alphaliner1800H is currently the liner with the best mechanical parameters worldwide, and is especially well suited to rehabilitate large diameter hoses, since this Alphaliner option offers simple logistics, easier liner handling on the construction site, and therefore faster and safer rehabilitation.

The REE4000 by RELINEEUROPE, the most powerful curing system available on the market, allows users to cure hose liners with wall thicknesses of up to 25 mm only trough UV light, without combination curing. The first construction sites handling large circular (e.g. DN 1600) and even egg profiles (e.g. egg profile 750/1800) with high wall thicknesses of up to 20 mm were able to control and quickly cure liners only through UV light in 2017. 


  Alphaliner500G Alphaliner1800
(from 01/2018)
Tensile modulus
short-term value

as per DIN EN 1228
13.265 MPa 24.507 MPa 26.581 MPa
Tensile modulus
short-term value 
5% Quantil as per DIN EN 1228
9.776 MPa 19.541 MPa 21.209 MPa
Tensile modulus
long-term value 
5% Quantil as per DIN EN 1228
6.110 MPa 14.804 MPa 17.243 MPa
Tensile modulus
short-term value
5% Quantil
as per DIN EN ISO 178
8.500 MPa 18.406 MPa 19.062 MPa
Bending resistance
short-term value
5% Quantil as per 
180 MPa 300 MPa 380 MPa
Bending resistance
110 MPa 227 MPa 309 MPa
Reduction factor
50 years
1,6 [-] 1,32 [-] 1,23 [-]
Material group 
according to DWA M 144-3



noch zu definieren

Abrasion resistance
in accordance with
CEN/TR 15729
0,09 mm 0,12 mm 0,12 mm
Wear protection layer  
(in addition to composite thickness)
0,3 mm 0,5 mm 0,5 mm

Table: Alphaliner versions - mechanical parameters

The ongoing development and improvement of mechanical parameters for Alphaliner glass-fibre reinforced hose liners for rehabilitating large diameter sewers is clearly shown by the lower structurally required liner wall thicknesses. A composite wall thickness of 8.8 millimeters was required in 2012 to rehabilitate a DN 1200 sewer with an Alphaliner1500, with a channel quality of II and a groundwater level of 3 meters above the base of the channel. With the new Alphaliner1800H, that thickness is now just 7.1 millimeters. This improvement has been made possible by optimising the fibreglass material based on the innovative “Ultrapipe” ECR glass fibres. The lower wall thickness not only facilitates faster, more reliable curing. It also lowers the weight of the Alphaliner and facilitates easier installation and insertion with lower tensile force. These advantages combine to significantly increase economic efficiency on the construction site. 

Image: Alphaliner - wall thickness development through continuous improvement

Image: Alphaliner - wall thickness development through continuous improvement

Alphaliner production by RELINEEUROPE - Maintaining UV systems in the workshop in Rohrbach

Alphaliner production by RELINEEUROPE - Maintaining UV systems in the workshop in Rohrbach


The eighth TQM Quality Report from RELINEEUROPE once again reveals the consistently high quality of the Alphaliner system. The large number of evaluated material samples from sites underscores the informative value of the results. The level of quality achieved is based on RELINEEUROPE's close cooperation, as a system provider, with qualified specialised companies. These companies have already rehabilitated a total of almost 3,600,000 million meters of sewers using Alphaliner. The Alphaliner system is based on an innovative design and a defined wear protection layer that allow it to offer excellent safety margins. We can deliver the right hose liner to rehabilitate municipal or industrial wastewater grids for almost any purpose.

In order to increase both, cost effectiveness on building sites and rehabilitation quality, RELINEEUROPE continues its ongoing development of the Alphaliner models and its own UV curing technology. In combination with the most powerful UV technology available, the new Alphaliner1800H, which has the world’s highest mechanical parameters, facilitates simpler logistics, easier handling on the construction site, and therefore faster and safer rehabilitation - especially when rehabilitating very large profiles with high wall thicknesses.


Christian Noll, President. RELINEEUROPE AG
Philipp Martin, Managing director of Sales Europe, RELINEEUROPE AG
Stefan Reichel, Managing director R&D Material, RELINEEUROPE AG
Jens Goll, Technical Support & Engineering, RELINEEUROPE AG


Total Quality Management (TQM), introduced by RELINEEUROPE as a system goal, denotes the company's comprehensive quality management system that is unique in the liner sector. TQM continuously and systematically integrates all the relevant material, production and transport areas of the company together with the installation results of the Alphaliner provided by customers on the various sites. All relevant data and material test results of the site samples are collected and recorded in a database specifically created for the purpose. These are reviewed and analysed on a regular basis. The results are used for optimisations in production and during installation on sites as well as for analysis meetings with Alphaliner installation partners, thus highlighting scope for further improvements.

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