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RELINE Group becomes the RELINE UV® Group

New design communicates our strategic focus

Staying attractive for the long term takes work. As part of the new brand strategy of the RELINE Group, we’ve changed more than just our name and logo: RELINE UV® Group. This change in our corporate design also communicates our new strategy, visualised by our logo.

New logo:


With “UV” now a prominent part of its name, the Group is positioning itself as a specialist in UV light curing, a technology which is gaining in importance. The demand for UV light-curing hose liners is growing worldwide in trenchless sewer rehabilitation projects. The advantages of this technology in comparison to common heat-curing systems are making it ever more popular in sewer rehabilitation. The RELINE UV® Group has been focused on this technology right from the start, offering trusted and innovative UV light-curing glass fibre reinforced hose liners and technologically leading systems for UV curing. This means the group can offer excellent expertise in UV light curing.

The RELINE UV® Group, composed of the companies RELINEEUROPE AG (Rohrbach, Germany), RELINEJAPAN LLC (Tokyo, Japan) and RELINECHINA (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai, China), has grown. The company RELINE UV Technologies LP (Orlando, USA) was added to serve the North American market in 2017. Other regional members of the RELINE-UV® are slated to join soon. The newest member of the group is RELINE UV ASEAN, headquartered in New Delhi, India. It will begin in-house Alphaliner production in 2019.


With an annual production of over 700,000 metres (approx. 2.5 million feet), the RELINE UV® Group is a leading suppliers of UV-light-curing GRP liners. The group has delivered over 4,000,000 metres (approx. 12 million feet) of UV light-curing hose liner for rehabilitation projects in over 50 countries since 2009. The RELINE-UV® Group also plays a leading role in developing and producing innovative UV equipment to quickly cure light-curing hose liners. It is the only company in the industry to develop and produce not only the UV-light-curing Alphaliners but also the UV equipment required for curing and construction site management.

Core products from the RELINE UV® Group include GFR hose liners Alphaliner300, Alphaliner500G und Alphaliner1800H, AlphalinerHP, AlphalinerECO and AlphalinerVE for industrial applications, produced in numerous variations in diameters between DN 150 and DN 1800 (6“ – 72“). In North America the Alphaliners are marketed under the product names UV CIPP Alfa300, UV CIPP Alfa500 and UV CIPP Alfa1800. The newest UV curing system, REE4000, is equipped with a light output of 6 x 4,000 watts, resulting in a total output of 24,000 watts. This means it is currently the world market’s most powerful UV curing system, offering unique and innovative features for semi-automatic operation. It can be used to quickly and reliably cure UV light-curing liners with a diameter of up to DN 1800 and a wall thickness of 20 mm.

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Große Ahlmühle 31
76865 Rohrbach/Germany
Tel.: +49 6349-93934-0

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