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“Everything from a single source is always an advantage”

The Herne branch of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL ROHRSANIERUNG installs the four millionth metre of Alphaliner from RELINEEUROPE in Düsseldorf

The Herne branch of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL ROHRSANIERUNG installs the four millionth metre of Alphaliner from RELINEEUROPE in Düsseldorf - The Herne D&S branch team with the record-breaking Alphaliner

The Herne D&S branch team with the record-breaking Alphaliner

We reached a new milestone on 31st August. The four millionth metre of Alphaliner came off one of our three production lines at RELINEEUROPE in Rohrbach, in the state of Rhineland Palatinate. The record-breaking Alphaliner was a 170.5 metre long section of Alphaliner500G with a diameter of DN 250 and a wall thickness of 3 millimetres. The crate containing the liner was delivered to the Herne branch of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Rohrsanierung GmbH & Co. KG. On 17th September, a team led by construction manager Matthias Zeh installed the hose liner, which was equipped with an integrated slide protection foil, in Lütticher Straße in Düsseldorf. Sales manager Philipp Martin was on site to celebrate the new record with the D & S team. “We are especially glad this record-breaking liner was installed by DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL, since the company has been an Alphaliner user for many years and has a total of four UV systems from us. They truly understand how to work with our system concept” says Martin.

“Hose relining has proven highly effective, and we use it often on our construction sites” says Christian Konst, who has managed the Herne branch of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Rohrsanierung for many years. He is an expert with almost 30 years of experience in the sewer renovation industry. “We have been using the process for many years, so we have lots of expertise on handling it.” The company is well-known for its work across Germany and the rest of Europe, and offers all modern trenchless rehabilitation techniques for pressure and gravity lines. Multiple UV curing systems from RELINEEUROPE were also used for the rehabilitation project. A specialised version of REE2000 is in use in Herne. It was fully installed into a transportation container and can stay on the construction site without a truck.

“Everything from a single source is also always an advantage for our customers. This eliminates interfaces and the client only has one contact person” says Christian Konst, praising the positive collaboration with RELINEEUROPE. “This is reflected in our company policies as well, namely in that we always strive to offer comprehensive solutions whenever possible. We have around 20 rehabilitation projects in our portfolio, which means we can handle any request from our customers”. DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL also installed the two millionth metre of RELINEEUROPE Alphaliner. The Mannheim branch used it to successfully rehabilitate a sewer in Bietigheim-Bissingen in April of 2015.

Although it took about three and a half years for system provider RELINEEUROPE to reach its first million meters of Alphaliner after starting production in 2010, the company has now succeeded in installing another million in just 19 months. “The middle of the year saw the most successful months in our company's history; we’ve never seen as many liners ordered as we did in July” says sales manager Martin, describing the company's good sales figures. In addition to the very dry summer, which was ideal for sewer renovation, growth in our core markets in Europe and successful international expansion are some reasons for the very high demand. Alphaliners are used in sewer renovation projects worldwide in over 50 countries.

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Tel. +49 2323 387980

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