REE4000 Professional | DN150—DN1800

REE4000 Professional UV Curing System
REE4000 Professional

REE4000 UV.Professional, our most powerful UV curing system, with an extra long curing cable and separate operating console for fixed installation in a truck. For renovations of all diameters and wall thicknesses of up to DN 1800.

The newly developed RELINEEUROPE REE4000 is the most powerful UV curing technology on the market. The system offers a maximum light output of up to 24,000 Watt, making it currently the world’s most powerful curing system for UV hardened glass-fibre reinforced hose liners. As part of the automation and digitisation process, we have also equipped the system with a variety of innovative features.

Connected Cure and the ultrasound-guided automatic stop make this the first system in the world that allows companies to complete hardening processes autonomously. To do so, liner data is read in through an integrated QR scanner, and the required curing parameters are set automatically.  The system’s high light output provides especially economical processing for any size of liner on the construction site, with up to 30 percent faster curing speeds. RELINEEUROPE developed specialised new light sources with Xenon bulbs for small, medium, and large diameters in this newest generation of UV curing systems.

  • The cable drum with up to 350 metres of curing cable allows for the installation of very long Alphaliners in a single work step.
  • The separate operating console offers additional options, for instance to connect a TV inspection system.

We also offer full construction of UV curing vehicles.


Technical data

UV curing system REE4000 UV.professional - permanent installation in box truck

  • Separate control panel fixed system
  • Cable drum with dual control

Special features

  • Innovative assistance-based curing (ACAS)
  • REE4000 control and curing software
  • New user interface with split-screen monitor (front/rear camera)
  • Front camera can be controlled with a joystick
  • : QR code scanner to transfer data for the automated curing process (construction site data, initial speed and max. pulling speed, interior pressure)
  • Infinitely variable control of UV lamp output for optimal curing
  • Ultrasound sensors for automatic stop and rear camera for extended curing control integrated in the curing plug
  • New RELINE crystal spots with xenon filling and platinum finish
  • Electrical output on the lamps remains consistent through intrinsically safe, µ controller directed, electronic ballast units
  • Professional control providing parallel recording and display with front and rear cameras, automatic logging and documentation of all parameters of the system during curing
  • Possibility to connect a tablet for mobile display and transfer of information via its own secured wireless network.

Cable drum

  • Cable drum up to 350 metres with integrated control panel

Light sources

Energy supply

  • 40 KVA

Your contact:

Jan Winkler
Project Manager UV Curing Systems

Phone:  +49 6349 93934-242
Mobile:  +49 1522 2699600




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