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Economic renovation of waste water pressurised pipes

Areas of use: Municipalities / industry


Almost all waste water disposal companies operate waste water pressurised pipes alongside free incline sewers. For the most part, these channels are renovated as a result of previous damages. The pressurised pipes are used to transport waste water from low to high points with the help of pressure. Alongside the pressure loads themselves, so-called pressure surges with peak pressures occur in accordance with operation. The mechanical abrasion in the channels is high. There are some 15,000 km of pressurised pipes in Germany alone.


The AlphalinerPN is a seamless GFK pipe liner with special technical properties designed for the renovation of waste water pressurised pipes and channels with a sealed construction. In order to accommodate the extreme loads, the AlphalinerPN is fitted with a special polyethylene interior coating. This coating is resistant to pressures of up to 16 bar, withstands pressure surges and the associated friction loads. The AlphalinerPN is statically self-supporting and designed as a stand-alone pipe liner.

This enables even heavily damaged channels that no longer have sufficient static payload to be renovated. The curing is carried out on site using UV light. 

Areas of application

  • Sewage, service water, and industrial pressure pipes
    Rehabilitation of almost all pipe materials e.g.
    • Concrete,
    • Steel,
    • Cast iron,
  • Dimension: from DN 150 to DN 1200
  • Operating pressure: up to 16 bar
  • Wall thicknesses 3 mm – 20 mm
  • Classification: Class A DIN EN ISO 11295-4

The advantages at a glance:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High pressure flushing resistance
  • Resistant to chemically aggressive media
  • Excellent hydraulic properties/smooth walls
  • High load capacity
    • Internal overpressure up to PN 16 (design for higher operating pressures on request)
    • Negative pressure (vacuum) up to −0.9 bar
  • Economical and fast installation

Scheme AlphalinerPN6

The AlphalinerPN consists of an ECR-glass-complex with a seamless inner coating and an UP resin (in accordance with DIN EN 13121 group 4 and DIN EN 16946-2 type 1140).Through a self-delevoped manufacturing process (winding) a highly compact composite material will be created, which shows a high ring rigidity and high axial strength properties. This means that even extreme and dynamic pressure loads can be absorbed.

The AlphalinerPN can especially independently withstand the constant alternating pressure loads occurring in waste water pressure pipes. During the fatigue strength test, which was based on the Wöhler test for fatigue strength according to DIN 50100 with overpressure of 10 bar and negative pressure of −0.9 bar, the AlphalinerPN showed no water loss through weeping. No external defects on the AlphalinerPN were detected after 107 pressure change cycles.

To optimise the condition of the liner surface with regard to abrasion resistance and roughness, this AlphalinerPN has a specially refined, transparent, and highly resistant thermoplastic internal coating inseparably connected to the pure resin layer and the base glass complex. 



150 mm –1200 mm (6 in–48 in)

Wall thicknesses

3 mm – 20 mm (0.12 in –0.8in)

Single lengths

up to maximum 350 metres (1,100 ft)

Pipe materials

Steel, cast, thermoplastic, el al. / buried or laid free

Resin system

UP-resin according to DIN EN 13121 group 4 and DIN EN 16946-2 type 1140

Glass quality


Installation pressure of the liner:

250 mbar –600 mbar (4–9 psi)


300 Watt – 4000 W / 0.2 m/min – 2 m/min (depending on DN and wall thickness) 

Operating pressure

up to 16 bar (232 psi)

Bursting pressure:

80 bar (1,160 psi)


Class A of DIN EN ISO 11295-4

Possibility to renovate bends

Partly possible depending on the radius of the pressure pipe

Density1.5g/cm³DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Glass fibre content (mass related)55 ± 5(i.M.) %DIN EN ISO 1172
Circumferential E-module19541MPaDIN EN 1228
Bending stress300MPaDIN EN ISO 178
Axial tensile strength93.1MPaDIN EN ISO 527-1
Radial tensile strength239MPaDIN EN ISO 527-0
Creep tendency≤ 7,1%DIN EN 761
Vibration resistance (107)10  / -0.9 barDIN 50100
Poisson’s ratio0.22 DIN EN ISO 527 -1
Reduction factor A11.31-DIN EN 761
Abrasion value0.06mm“Darmstädter Kipprinnenversuch” with 100,000 load changes
High-pressure rinsingNo visible changes450 Watt/mm²

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