Economical and Safe: Alphaliner with Integrated Slide Protection and/or Pre-Liner

Optionally, we offer all of our Alphaliners with integrated slide protection and/or pre-liner. This makes the on-site installation process more efficient because it eliminates the need for an extra processing step. These Alphaliner models also offer more safety and contribute to a high level of installation quality.

Alphaliner with Integrated Slide Protection and/or Pre-Liner

The slide protection film, which used to require a separate installation step, fulfils an important task. During installation into the sewer, it prevents the hose liner's outer casing from coming into contact with the old pipe surface. Depending on size and weight, the liner material is subjected to considerable friction forces. Even a minor unevenness or sharp obstacles, that may still be there despite careful preparation of the sewer using milling robots, can damage the outer casing, thereby impacting the hose liner's functionality.

When producing Alphaliners with integrated slide protection, an additional robust outer film is firmly welded to the bottom of the hose liner. For the model with integrated pre-liner, the entire hose liner is equipped with an additional outer casing. We offer Alphaliners with an integrated slide protection film and/or pre-liner up to DN800.

This procedure offers major benefits for our clients: Time savings and increased safety during liner installation.

Eliminating this separate installation step enables you to save one hour of construction crew working times on average, depending on the length of the section for rehabilitation. As sewer rehabilitation companies need to calculate their projects very accurately, this model offers them measurable economic benefits.

The client's advantages in terms of quality assurance weigh just as heavily. As the outer film is firmly connected to the liner it cannot move during installation, thus eliminating a potential source of defect and ensuring that the liner's outer casing is always protected from damage during the installation process.

Alphaliners with integrated pre-liner also provide additional protection from contact between hose liner and water. This all-in-one protection always prevents the resin from coming into contact with water in the event that the outer skin is damaged and saponified. This is why Alphaliners with integrated pre-liner are deployed in particular in places where hose liners need double protection from water contact due to extensive water infiltration.

Our clients have taken to this new model very favourably. At RELINEEUROPE we already deliver more than 90 percent of our Alphaliners with integrated slide protection and/or pre-liner.



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